The School Day

Easthorpe School is registered to take pupils from 7 years old up to 18 years old.

For the academic year 2022/23 the school is operating a phased opening programme and accepting consultations and referrals for pupils aged 7 – 12 years old.

The timings for the school day for all pupils are:

Monday - Thursday

Start time: 8.40am
Finish time: 3.20pm


Start time: 8.40am
Finish time: 2.30pm

Every day at Easthorpe includes high quality teaching and learning time and access to different subjects within the Easthorpe curriculum.  The start of each day gives children a fresh chance to engage and show they are ready for learning.  After a successful day of engagement, the end of each day is the opportunity to truly love being ourselves and for children to develop some skills and knowledge in their more favoured activities.

The education team at Easthorpe will be fully prepared to act on individual advice received from external therapy services such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy.  Space away from the classroom is available each day for children to work directly with external therapy services if commissioned by the Local Authority.

Our staggered lunch sittings run from 12-1pm every day and as well as including time to eat and play, it also includes time to develop our social skills and communication skills which when in place will act on the guidance from the SALT team at Easthorpe.  All children at Easthorpe are offered a cooked meal each day chosen from a rolling menu, those who wish to bring a packed lunch may do so.

Our Friday afternoons are a chance to look back on our achievements in the week with a whole school celebration assembly.  There is also the opportunity for school staff and families to think about the impact on our quality of life whilst preparing everybody for the weekend ahead.